To provide resources and expertise that empowers, guides and equip the businessperson for a better, simple and successful experience from set-up to financial success.
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We are a business consulting and technology based company. We have
been proudly serving the local Florida community for over fifteen years and
were founding members of the first Association of Internet Professionals
formed here in Central Florida. In our tenure we've facilitated the design
and implementation of local publications, provided Full Service Internet
Marketing & Advertising, Business Set-up and Consulting, to include
assisted in developing state of the art technology for Sundstrand and
Lockheed Martin.

We delight in empowering people by removing barriers to make their
technology experiences easier and providing resources to help them
obtain their business goals, that help them make their communities
and this great nation better.
To be the resource of choice for helping entrepreneurs, small businesses and students reach a higher level of productivity, creativity, and financial success.
People are our passion!
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We are not just a business, it's who we are.
Meeting your business needs from Start to Fortune!
JKF Consulting & Design, LLC
1746 E. Silver Star Rd., #105
Ocoee, FL 34761
From Start to Fortune, Maximizing Excellence & Affordability for Your Success!
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